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Civil Court - 1st District Brooklyn

Our Community Needs Judges Like Devin P.Cohen!

Devin is a skilled attorney with extensive experience in civil cases, and 15 years experience as a mediator and arbitrator resolving the types of cases usually brought in Civil Court.

Devin was found Qualified for the position of Civil Court Judge by the Judicial Screening Committee for the Democratic Party in Kings County.

Devin is from our community and has devoted himself to improving our community.

Devin will be an independent voice on the bench.

Devin believes everyone appearing before the Court is entitled to be treated with respect.

Devin will be a judge who is dedicated to providing fair and impartial justice to all parties before the Court, regardless of whether they are represented by an attorney.

Civil Court - 1st District Brooklyn - Democratic Primary: September 9, 2008

Paid for by Friends of Devin P. Cohen - 2008 Devin Cohen